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Missouri Synod

Let's Make an Advent Wreath!

Let’s Make an Advent Wreath Sunday, November 27th @ 4:00pm 4:00pm Come join us in the Fellowship Hall and make a Family Advent Wreath. 5:00pm Men’s Chili Cook-off! – Sign up fellas! Others can sign up also for chips/cookies etc. 6:00pm Join us for Evening Service. Everyone is welcome…get the kids involved. Never had an Advent Wreath? This is the place to make your first one. There is a sign-up poster in the Narthex Ask your friends and family…and please sign up! We have candles and wreaths for 20. There will be a nominal fee for each. One wreath per family please. We will provide the four Advent candles (3 purple, 1 rose), wreath form and some decorations…keeping to the theme of w

November Mission--LCMS Michigan District

Lutheran Church Missouri Synod – Michigan District (Ann Arbor, MI) The Service Committee of Immanuel Lutheran Church chose to donate $1,500 to the Michigan District in November (as we also did in March and July) to aid this organization in their work with Missions / Churches, Specialized Ministries, Outreach, and Service Opportunities. Under the Gospel Imperative of the Great Commission, the Michigan District values the planting and development of new congregations. Some of the Ministries the Michigan District aids in are the Deaf and Blind Ministry, Campus Ministry, Ethic Ministry, Prison Ministry, and Urban Ministry. They also aid in Outreach Programs, Service, World Missions, and Disaster

The Lutheran Hour--Broadcast Schedule

The Lutheran Hour is broadcast every Sunday morning at 6:30 a.m. on 105.7 FM or accessible anytime on the Web at and also available on Podcast. If you prefer more modern music with the Lutheran Hour message, a special broadcast has been developed for the AFN at . The Lutheran Hour speaker is Rev. Gregory Seltz unless otherwise noted. Daily devotions by Rev. Dr. Ken Klaus, Speaker Emeritus, are available at November 6 "Do You Want This Blessing?" Lutheran Hour Speaker: Rev. Dr. Gregory Seltz Jesus came to bless you; He takes the initiative to reach out to broken lives with His love and help. (Matthew 5:1-12) November 13 "The Da

LWML Mite Box Project--Thank-you!!

LWML District Mite Box Project Thank you.ladies! To date, we have collected $211.00, which is more than we received for the entire 2015 year. We have two months to go until our contribution is sent in. Synod and District mission projects depend on LWML for the resources they need in order to do their work.

Worship for Shut-Ins

Worship for Shut-Ins TV BROADCAST SCHEDULE: Worship for Shut-Ins is a 30-minute traditional Lutheran worship service, broadcast weekly to nourish the souls of those who cannot attend church in a traditional setting. Below is a list of television ministry broadcast times and channels in our viewing area. Kalamazoo - Sunday 4:00 pm; Monday 2:00 pm; Tuesday 3:00 pm; Wednesday 5:00 pm - Charter 96 [PA] Portage - Sunday 4:00 pm; Monday 2:00 pm; Tuesday 3:00 pm; Wednesday 5:00 pm - Charter 96 [PA] Total Christian Television (TCT) network (satellite nationwide broadcast)

Prayer List

PLEASE REMEMBER IN YOUR PRAYERS: LONG TERM CONCERNS: Beverly Fisher, Mother of Sue Wagner Pastor and Caroline Barkow Christina, Daughter of Anne Lauer Dana Winchester, friend of Shelly Reynolds Debbie Hansen, friend of Nathan Mattson Dawn Hamrick family, requested by the Steuer family Gwen DeYoung, requested by Amber Townsend John Blasko, requested by Elizabeth Blasko Kyle Reinbold Family, Sonya DeVary’s brother LaForne & Eugene Jones, friends of Dotty Smith Lauren Markel, requested by Annie Hecht Luke Lamson, requested by Dotty Smith Nancy Watson, friend of John & Sue Wagner Paul Lucke, Father of Sonya DeVary Peggy Cauchy, friend of Esther Cleason Kristina Rak, requested by family and love

Which road to Leavenworth?

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