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Holy Week Schedule at Immanuel

Holy Week at Immanuel Lutheran Church So what is Holy Week, and why does it matter? Very shortly after the beginnings of Christianity, followers of Jesus who lived around Jerusalem would gather and visit the places that had shaped the end of Jesus’ earthly life. Over the centuries, this practice of remembering the last days of Jesus’ earthly life spread throughout Christianity – and it is this time of remembering that we call “Holy Week.” Holy Week recalls the events of the week that led up to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Palm Sunday, April 9th: 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Worship & Communion Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week. We rejoice with the crowds as Jesus e

April Mission: Kalamazoo Gospel Mission--The Women's Shelter

The Women’s section of the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission is in dire straits; parts of the building are condemned and unusable. Immanuel Lutheran Church is donating funds to the renovation of this area. Good Samaritan Program This program is the first level of the shelter services. It offers any woman a safe place to sleep for the evening. In addition to a place to sleep, the Mission offers three meals a day, laundry services, hygiene products and clothing vouchers to the Rescued Treasures store. The Shelter The second level of the women's shelter is the general Shelter, which is divided into three parts: Single's Dorm, Women's Dorm and Family Shelter. This program offers more stability and is a

Senior Youth--Going to the Gathering at Mackinaw Island

The senior youth group is excitedly anticipating their trip to Mackinaw Island, June 25-28, 2017. The Michigan Synod has chosen this year’s theme of FORTRESS from 2 Samuel 22:2: “The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer.” Pastor Sidwell and Sue Steuer are taking seven youth to Mackinaw Island for: Sectionals on a variety of subjects, Bible studies lead by Rev. Dr. David Maier, Rev Ryan Peterson, and Rev. Bill Yonker; A servant event Presenters and musical offerings include: 321 Improv, Swen and Dean, Sevenglory, Bob Lenz, Rev.Tige and Sara Culbertson, Bryan Drake, Brian Pruitt, Bryan Osbourne, and David Van Behren. Fellowship activities include group challenges, bike rental, boa

A Healing Service: What is Health?

What is health? The World Health Organization defines health as “state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease.” What does it mean to have complete physical, mental and social wellbeing? The physical wellbeing may include: regular exercise most days of the week; a diet low in fat, high in vegetables/fruits and whole grains adequate sleep of 6-8 hours. Mental wellbeing may include self-care activities such as: journaling; meditation; the current popular activity of coloring. Social wellbeing refers to the establishment and ability to maintain personal relationships with: God; family; friends. What is wholeness? defines wholenes

What Does It Take to Translate the Bible?

When I am in Liberia we are reading each chapter of the Bible verse by verse. That is what Bible translation teams do, right? We read, check source texts, discuss meaning, discuss and make revisions, make corrections, check spelling, check format markers, compare and prepare the manuscripts for hours on end. Our translation software has tools to put a rough English translation underneath their translation so I can “read” their scriptures. What I am studying right now are some other story texts for which I do have the English translation. I want to discover what signs and structures each language uses as it progresses through a narrative text. I will be looking for answers to questions like

Lutheran Hour Ministries--April Sermon Schedule

The Lutheran Hour is broadcast every Sunday morning at 6:30 a.m. on 105.7 FM or accessible anytime on the Web at and also available on Podcast. If you prefer more modern music with the Lutheran Hour message, a special broadcast has been developed for the AFN at . The Lutheran Hour speaker is Rev. Gregory Seltz unless otherwise noted. Daily devotions by Rev. Dr. Ken Klaus, Speaker Emeritus, are available at April 2: "Freedom in the Spirit" Lutheran Hour Speaker: Rev. Dr. Gregory Seltz Jesus frees you to be the person you were created, redeemed, and called to be. (Romans 8:1-11) April 9: "Humble Strength for Eternal Salvation"

Church Project: Making Laundry Soap for the Needy

Clean Clothes……. How many of us take that for granted? Actually, many people don’t take clean clothes for granted, it’s considered a luxury. 41% of Kalamazoo County households struggle to support themselves day to day: Either they live below the federal poverty level or their earnings put them below the basic cost-of-living levels. They are typically working at low-paying jobs, living paycheck to paycheck and in a constant financial struggle. Joshua Sampson’s new supermarket position means he’ll likely lose his remaining disability assistance. He already saw it cut in half when he got the fast-food job. He also expects he’ll lose the Bridge Card that helps him buy food for himself and his s

Trudging Through the Torah

For the many Chronological Bible readers at Immanuel this past month (and a half) has had its many tedious moments. Yet I have always had enough “pearls” to talk about on Monday nights that I find myself running out of time. The irony of the reading is that the majority of the text has been repetitive and tedious and quite frankly boring. But then there are the moments of direct connection to the New Testament and to promises fulfilled in Christ. It has been good to discover the pearls even when our minds are numb and our hands are sore from shucking oysters. God’s Continuing Instruction I mentioned that the Book of Deuteronomy (Second Law) is misnamed in a way that betrays a legalistic bias