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April 30, 2019

May 2019 Pastor’s Newsletter

There is a new Pew Research Report (January 31, 2019) on the relationship of religion to health, happiness and civic engagement around the world.

The summary may or not be surprising to you. Religious people, who attend church regularly, are measurably healthier, happier and engaged in civic actions!

While believers can rely on God to help manage their suffering and endure hardship whether active members of congregations or not, those who regularly attend services have the added support of social connections. Earlier research, Pew pointed out, indicates that friendship is a key factor.

“Those who frequently attend a house of worship may have more people they can rely on for information and help during both good and bad times,” the report said, citing scholars Chaeyoon Lim of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Robert Putnam of Harvard University. “Indeed, a range of social scientific research corroborates the idea that social support is pivotal to othe...

November 8, 2016

So that the time periods I am talking about don’t seem to be wrong, let me explain that my mother was 40 years old when I was born. Her father had married a much younger woman and was 45 years old when my mother was born. Therefore I was born 85 years after he was. I have a relatively rare campaign service medal from my grandfather--from the Philippine Campaign--dated from 1899 to 1913. It's kind of an historical irony that the Philippines are in the news right now for wanting U.S. military installations to be removed from their country. This is why history is important because it provides context and meaning to actions.

My grandfather was the child of Irish immigrants raised in an Irish “ghetto” in Patterson, New Jersey. Patterson was then an industrial city (Colt Arms had started there) and it attracted immigrant labor who then settled near its factories. His name was Charles Aloysius O’Beirne and, at the beginning of the Spanish American war, he enlisted and left the ghetto permanent...

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