Congratulations Letter re: Maddy Baumgart

Letter from Ralph Sauers, Internship Coordinator, SIM (Serving in Mission) USA

“Dear Pastor Sidwell:

I am Ralph Sauers, a Selection Coordinator for SIM USA. I had the priviledge to work with Maddy Baumgart through her application, acceptance and placement process with SIM. It was a delight to walk that part of her journey of faith as she prepared for service in Paraguay.

Maddy grew in her walk with the Lord while in Paraguay and she was a great blessing to those with whom she came in contact. Maddy adjusted well to her work in the school.

Maddy’s supervisor made the following observations about her impactful ministry, especially through relationship-building:

  • Maddy built friendships with the extended family of her host family. This family is struggling with some interpersonal relationship issues and their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I believe her friendship was beneficial to the family.

  • Maddy is very flexible and did not hesitate to adapt to the very different culture of Paraguay.

  • I believe Maddy was a bit surprised by the difference in the Paraguayan cultture compared to other Hispanic cultures she has visited. She met the challenges with a good sense of humor and a good attitude. The language was different than she anticipated. This is partly due to the addition of the indigenous Guarani language so prevalent among the people.

  • She met the challenges with a good sense of humor and a good attitude. She was eager to learn the language of Guarani and took every opportunity to learn new words.

Maddy mentioned several times that she might return to Paraguay someday. One of the more proficient English teachers has invited her back to teach English at a school she would like to start. Due to student debt, Maddy does not think that is feasible at the time.

Pastor Sidwell, thank you, Brother, for your encouragement to Maddy. It will be a benefit to the Lord’s work wherever He may lead her. SIM would be honored to have her serve with us should the Lord lead her to go back at any time. Her ministries, life and love for Christ and the people of Paraguay commend her highly.

If SIM can serve your church in any way, please feel free to contact our Midwest Regional Director. You can reach him at or at 734-941-8111.”

In Christ,

Ralph Sauers, Internship Coordinator, SIM USA

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