Letter to Congregation

Dear Pastor Sidwell and members of the congregation:

“It has already been a long time away from my post as church secretary. I have been very busy in my new roles as HR Manager and Operations Manager at ServiceMaster (at the corner of Nichols and Ravine). At the same time I am thriving in these positions, I have been missing my place at Immanuel. My time there was a time of growth, blessing, service, and joy. From the start you treated me like a member of the family and showered me with love, friendship, grace, support, generosity, and thoughtfulness. I cherish each gift, card, flower, snack, prayer, smile, word of encouragement, and hug I received. I came to love you and your congregation and I remember you all in my prayers. I am so happy that God brought Ailene to you as your church secretary and I’m glad to know that she serves you well!”

Immanuel Lutheran Church


3000 West Main Street

Kalamazoo, MI 49006

(269) 345-8090

Missouri Synod