Letter to Congregation

Dear Pastor Sidwell and members of the congregation:

“It has already been a long time away from my post as church secretary. I have been very busy in my new roles as HR Manager and Operations Manager at ServiceMaster (at the corner of Nichols and Ravine). At the same time I am thriving in these positions, I have been missing my place at Immanuel. My time there was a time of growth, blessing, service, and joy. From the start you treated me like a member of the family and showered me with love, friendship, grace, support, generosity, and thoughtfulness. I cherish each gift, card, flower, snack, prayer, smile, word of encouragement, and hug I received. I came to love you and your congregation and I remember you all in my prayers. I am so happy that God brought Ailene to you as your church secretary and I’m glad to know that she serves you well!”

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