An Update from Becky Grossman

An update from Becky Grossman…

After a safe arrival and a good night’s sleep, I traveled to Klay in Bomi County towards the Sierra Leone border. The Gola team and I are working through the last half of Acts. If today is any indication of the speed we can take, we may finish it up.

Before I left this morning I peeked out the new Bible House window and saw what was left of the old Bible house. It is basically no more. Deconstructed. The new Bible House is constructed and will be dedicated this Wednesday at 4:00 GMT which is 5 hours ahead of Eastern and 6 for Central. The Gola team and I will not be going as we were advised to make the most of our time and while Bomi is only about 50-60 miles, with traffic it is easily 3 hours.

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